Ammerman-Hearnsberger Pilot Food Processing Lab

Ammerman-Hearnsberger Pilot Food Processing LabProfessor emeritus (deceased) of food science and technology Dr. Gale R. Ammerman had a long career with MSU as a professor of food science and technology, the Coordinator of the Food Science Institute, and later the first head of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. The Ammerman-Hearnsberger (AH) Pilot Food Processing Lab is named in his honor, and that of Dr. James Hearnsberger, a productive and dedicated faculty that passed away at an untimely young age. The AH Food Processing Laboratory was constructed to serve as a teaching, research and outreach facility. It is used by industry to produce lots for market testing, by the Food Science Club to process, package and market their Bully Boxes, and by professors to conduct research and teaching.
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Ballew Hall

Ballew HallBallew Hall may not look like a neighborhood butcher shop, but its Meats Laboratory produces some of the finest beef and pork products around-and offers them for sale to the public. The lab is operated for teaching and to research meats in the Departments of Animal and Dairy Science and Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion. Products from those activities are then put on sale to the public at the MAFES Sales Store.
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Custer Dairy Processing Plant

custerThe Custer Dairy Processing Plant is a unit of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and is located in the Herzer Building on the campus of Mississippi State University. The plant is a teaching and research laboratory for students studying dairy foods at Mississippi State University. The facility houses some of the most modern equipment available. The cheese operation is a by-product of the research program. The plant also offers educational opportunities for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. In addition to cheese, the dairy-processing plant manufactures all the fluid milk products, ice cream and butter that are used on the MSU campus and serves as one of the University's unique public relations venues.

Garrison Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

Garrison Sensory Evaluation LaboratoryThe Garrison Sensory Evaluation Laboratory facilitates research programs that M.S. and PhD students use to conduct different types of sensory tests to understand consumer acceptability and sensory descriptive attributes. Examples of this research encompass the relationships between meat quality measurements and sensory quality, the relationships between the concentration of aroma compounds and product acceptability, and the relationships between instrumental texture measurements and product acceptability.
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Herzer Dairy Science Building

Herzer Dairy Science BuildingThe Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion is located in the Herzer Dairy Science Building. The building contains classrooms, laboratories, and offices.
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MAFES Sales Store

MAFES Sales StoreThe MAFES Sales Store (also called the MSU Cheese Store) is a unit of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and is housed on the campus of Mississippi State University in the Herzer Dairy Science Building. The store exists as an outlet for the research and educational products produced by MAFES Research Support Unit Dairy Manufacturing Plant and by the Department of Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion. Many products sold are produced on the MSU campus by faculty, staff, and students.
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Moore Hall

Moore HallMoore Hall is home to components of the nutrition teaching program. The building is equipped with four complete kitchens for students to learn and prepare meals. The Fun with Food Camp is also held in Moore Hall. The building is shared with the School of Human Sciences' Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising program and is home to the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection.
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Allie Cowles
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